Smt. Bala Devi Shilp Kala Kendra

This program run by the organization with there own resources ( funds)

A training centre for poor, ladies of Scheduled Castes & distress ladies is running in honor of Smt. Bala Devi a well known Social worker. Samaj Seva Sangh is imparting training to poor, widows and distress ladies free of charges in the trade of cutting, tailoring, embroidery and weaving in this centre. This programme is named after Smt. Bala Devi a well know social activist. This programme is running by her help and cooperation. During the year 2021-2023 the number of women trainees who got imparted training are as below:-

1.       X Block, Brahm Puri                                       117

          (only for SC/ST women)

2.       Sunder Nagari                                               60

3.       Nehru Nagar                                                 56

4.       Seelampuri                                                   50

5.       Shakapur                                                      60

                    Total                                                          337 women